About AAJ

This blog of Aaj Ka Prashna is respectfully addressed to the Honorable President, Prime Minister and Chief Justice of India, this blog is a responsible platform of social media to give opportunities to public to express its personal opinion on Questions.

The team of the founder of the platform and public shall raise Today’s Questions on which, public shall express its opinion in limited and legal words. The blog of this today’s questions shall be conducted by the opinion of the public and their answers to the questions, the number of the expressed opinions by public on each and every today’s question shall be live on the platform in the form of mandate. The datas of the opinion of the public on the questions asked from this platform shall be available all the times for government to ensure the change in the system.

Mandate is the plinth of the castle of democracy. In the form of mandate answers to many today’s questions shall come to the eyes of the competent government officials to enable them to take decisions. Today, all the people of the society are expressing themselves through social media, then why not there be a strong platform of expressions with a sacred will of making the nation and changing the era with full devotion and sincerity. With this inspirational thought, this blog is honour fully dedicated to the people of the nation. NAMSKAR.

Attention please

  1. For each presented question answer and suggestion in this blog, the sole responsibility shall be of the users. They shall be legally responsible to their questions and answers.
  2. No unparliamentry slang words and disputed conceptions shall be allowed to express in this blog. If any legal action is taken on the expressed views, the user and user only shall be responsible for this.
  3. This is the platform of national issues, so it is prohibited to raise any personal issues on this blog.
  4. This open letter is being submitted in the services of the Honourable Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India, so that he would take care of the questions and answers of this letter and provide relief to the common men by issuing justified order at his kind end.