About us

This is the first effort of Atharva e-Publications (Aaj Ka Prashna), but staunch determined effort, which is in the public interest. Atharva believes in the fact that behind all the vital changes in the world, there are the views and thoughts of the people. After implementation the views are converted in to history. There are so many problems before the nation. We should not forget that the time of adversity is the time for thinking. We are continuously moving on and it is true that before going to sleep, we have miles to go. Atharva wishes to make small effort of bringing mandates and the issues being faced, as a solution to the problems. Each individual or an organization contributes to the development of the nation in own style. Atharva wishes to present itself in this form only. Its strength is the sense full, alert and thoughtful public of the country. The guide and well-wishers of this organization are as follows:

Ratnesh Khandelwal

He is the designer and founder of this blog. He is in Film industry for the last 28 years. He has great interest in writing and creative works.

Anjani Srivastav

Journalist, Poet, Satirist and Film Writer. A man of staunch desire only may think to join the film industry by quitting the most lucrative job at the age of 55. He can write in any genre. He has great dedication to his work. His work energy is remarkable .he has written screenplay, lyrics and dialogue for various films. He is author of some books too. As for example – Audio Graphy ki Udan, Dhwni ke Baazigar, Doha Doha Jindagi, Satta ke Shikhandi, Bollywood Sting, Bhojpuri Cinema Tab Ab Sab etc.

Subhankar Ghosh

An efficient and noted film director. He is the son of late Shri Navendu Ghosh, the famous Bangla literature and film story screenplay writer of the country. Subhankar Ghosh had directed the film “WOH CHHOKRI”, which had bagged 3 National Awards. For the last few years, he has been working as a teacher in different film training institutes of the country and abroad and also the faculty member. He has played main role in establishing film institute in Fiji.

Bhanu Pratap Singh

By profession he is a journalist. He has worked with many newspapers and magazines. As a journalist. At present he has been associated with the film industry as creative director.

Rajkumar Chaudhari

Besides a social worker, he is a film producer too. He has been helping the struggling artists in the industry and make them reach at their coveted goals.

RK Mishra, Advocate

He had come to Mumbai from Varanasi to become an actor and lyricist. In the days of his struggle, he continued with his law education and became a successful advocate in the Mumbai city. He had written many lyrics and after picturisation of the same has uploaded on YouTube for entertainment of the audience.