Age Limit of Registered Marriage

The age of adulthood has been determined by our constitution under the rights conferred on all Indian citizens. After this age, a person is legally free to make his/her decisions. Every wise citizen remembers how much he had understanding about the values of life and rules of society in this age. So here these questions are formed (1) Does understanding mature enough at this age? (2) How much the decisions we made at this age changed with experience? (3) Can decisions of this age for which we have rebelled against society be successful? (4) Can this age be considered enough for complete mental and economic development? (5) Can this age be considered fully developed for the definition and understanding of individual life’s important decisions, such as marriage and family? By reading and listening to these questions, it seems that No! This is a raw age of weak understanding, where mind needs a little more time to become mature. Today in our society, when we feel from our experience that “this age is raw and delicate for understanding”, then how can the age limit of 18 and 21 years be considered mature enough for love marriage or registered marriage in our country. Is it enough to be 18 and 21 years of age for a legal marriage? Today the government is also thinking to reduce the age limit of men for marriage, in such a situation a burning question arises here that,

Is it enough to be an adult for a registered marriage or should the age limit be increased in the registered marriage act?

If agree with the question what should be the changes? If you disagree then why?

Think and write your opinion in below comment box with limited words. You can also express your opinion by pressing the button of “Agree” or “Disagree” bring the change in nation and our society.

Intent :

All our senior and junior countrymen have found in their social life that children between the ages of 18 and 21 years are considered to have developed with a weak understanding. At this age they often do not get any special understanding about the harsh experience of life. In this age of youthfulness, every citizen finds himself impatient and inexperienced. The society has always considered the decision taken by the youth at this age to be weak. Can this age be considered intense for registered marriage or love marriage in the society?

Today the society has a clear experience, the prescribed statutory age of adulthood may be good for voting, may be good for doing business, may also be fine for marrying with family consent, but this age is not considered excellent for registered marriages or love marriages.

It is well known that children of this age are getting education and depend on their parents. Children who just reach to age of adulthood, that is 18 and 21 years, immediately rebel against society and family and register themselves for love marriage or registered marriage by using their statutory rights, have no support at that time, they have no source of income. That unemployed couple become impatient with time and slowly start to break apart. After a few days, this love becomes the reason for separation and all they get is only apathy, sorrow and nightmares.

  1. Are these of our social arrangements are right,
    Should an unemployed (rebel) youth be allowed to marry under the Registered Marriage Act?
  2. Is it realistic to be allowed for the constitutionally registered marriage just after the second day of the end of the teenage phase by the Constitution?
  3. Is it appropriate for children of this age to change their religion for registered marriages or love marriages?
  4. Do not the above burning questions draw attention to the word like “experience” along with the demand for change of age in the registered marriage act prevalent in the society?

According to the biological system of the body, the legal age of adulthood can be considered as 18 (female) and 21 (male) years. Is the responsibility of government only till the solemnization of marriage? Does society consider these legal couples to be mature enough to bear all the responsibilities of household life? Should the law not allow registered or love marriages to take place only after ensuring the future of a young adult couple? Should marriages like inter religion marriages not be allowed only after passing a particular age (Possibly 25 years)? Can the marriage of a student / unemployed citizen be considered the right legal aspect by crossing the statutory age limit?

The above burning question is as clear as water in front of society. Society will have to ensure for the future of its children whether the age of legal adulthood should be valid for registered marriage or courtship or it needs to be changed. That is why here it becomes a burning question that Is it sufficient to be 18 and 21 years of age for registered legal marriage or should the age limit be increased in the registered marriage act? Jai Hindi… !! Jai Bharat…!!!


Your views or suggestions may be useful on this issue. Please write down your views or suggestion in the comment box of the blogs or cast your vote. Your views/suggestions are forwarded to the high constitutional authorities of the nation. It might be that government may implement it by taking in consideration. With such hope, put your views. Thanking you.

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