Appeal to Humanity

Today’s question (aaj ka prashn) number 21 is not for any survey.  This is an Appeal of Humanity to a few greedy individuals / traders of the society.

Q.21: Strict legal system is available in our country on the subject of food adulteration, yet why is this evil in the society alive?

Friends! due to our increasing daily requirement and fast-growing lifestyle availability of innumerable foods has become accessible in the society.  Today, instant cooking has become a common necessity in every household. Society has also made rules and laws to maintain “nutritious food” for human consumption for a long time. Today, some people are fearlessly doing a disgusting act like adulteration in meeting our food requirements. The greed of antisocial individuals who adulterate food is a serious legal and natural crime against the society and the constitution. Nature has given us goods for use and consumption in every way, which we have expanded according to our requirement. In the spur of this expansion, pure things created by nature are almost lost from society, the address for remaining things is adulterant shop.

Today, adulteration and food additives are being adulterated in many ways in the country by manufacturers of adulterated and spurious substances. They are also no less than a slow corona. These items range from vegetables to branded products. The platform of burning questions asks these adulterants that today the claw of Yamraj is rotating and this claw has kept everyone in awe, all of you adulterers must have experienced this too.

Today, the doctor says that the corona will not easily catch a person with a good immune system. You adulterers will definitely pay attention to how healthy the people of our country have kept their immune system by consuming your adulterated substances? Also think how much indirect support you have in igniting this disease in human life? The public has given you the full price for the items but your greed has not allowed the person to being able to fight a disaster.

The time when there is a pandemic like corona is our main concern, this is not a right time to discuss a burning question. I have not put this question before the society for the purpose of discussion. It is addressed to society only for the appeal of humanity. We request all you adulterants not to duplicate sanitation, masks and other essential items in this difficult and weak time. By relying on adulterated or fake products manufactured by you and consuming them, during this pandemic, the public will betray such a shame that nothing will be left for the future in the society. Therefore, there is an appeal to all the adulterated and fake product manufacturers of the country to stop their greed for humanity and cooperate with the countrymen. Jai Hindi… Jai Bharat…!!!

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