Corrupted mentality OR Character-scattering

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Today’s question is the biggest problem of our present society. Many countrymen are increasing their unconstitutional deeds like corruption day by day due to their personal greed. This is having a bad effect on every citizen and all the systems of the present democratic society are visible to be burned in this greed. Many efforts have been made by the society to end this corrupt system, which have proved to be insufficient till date. Due to this unconstitutional act of corruption, the inhuman scenes which arise in front of society from time to time also give spiritual pain to the countrymen. This demerit appears to be obstructing the path of constitutional fundamental rights by demolishing all the success qualities of our democratic society. Such a serious scene exists in front of the society, yet why is the society silent? Why is the constitutional rules and laws not being strictly followed in society? Why do most of the countrymen have the mindset to solve the issues by paying bribe? Is this mentality appropriate for the present society and its future? Every patriotic countryman will say no! This is a harmful ideology for our society. According to the rights given by our society to the executive, all government employees have been serving their nation. The present-day society has also gained experience from its politicians from time to time that they sit in the constitutional post and conduct their personal and selfish works in an unconstitutional manner by putting pressure on the government official. Is he following the right constitutional system? Why government officials are bound to obey the immoral orders of politicians? Why is society silent even after experiencing? Why the movements of corrupt and immoral activities are suppressed in the society? With all these burning questions, Today’s question (aaj ka prashn) seems to be necessary to motivate the inclusion of amendments in the developmental depiction of democratic background that,

Q. 47:     

How to fight with corrupted mentality of the society? or How will society be free from corrupt character-scattering ?

    If you agree with the question, why and what should be the changes? If you disagree then why?

    Think, and write your opinion in limited words for the change in the nation and your society or do express your views by pressing the button of  “agree and disagree”.


    In the creation of democratic society, the post of a politician was designed to curb the government officials, but today the charioteers of these posts are trying to steal the fundamental rights of the people by adopting a policy of collusion. If the silence of the society still continues in this way, then the foundation of democratic society will continue to be badly affected and the common people will continue to scorch in the rules and policies. Today, the society should try to leave this unscrupulous organization for the benefit of democratic system, so that unethical and illegal activities in the society are eliminated. In the present society, the scene of corruption has become so huge that people are now accepting the bribe as courtesy fee to get work done. To end this corrupt mentality of the present society is the personal act and responsibility of all our countrymen, which is absolutely necessary for the upliftment of the society.

Every man is born of a greedy tendency by birth. Possibly nature may have created the quality of greed in this body to meet the divine. Today some of us countrymen are seen taking this quality of nature on the path of demerit. Some of the countrymen, who have been pushing the greed to get their work done under the guise of corrupt system, it was and will remain condemnable for the democratic society. Despite being aware of this truth, why are we supporting this system through our silence? Isn’t the development of corrupt system a result of our personal greed? Isn’t this one of our demerits? We have to think…. We have to write…. We have to change….!!!

    We are all fully aware of the fact that social corruption system is developing as a result of our personal greed. In a corrupt system, both sides are equally responsible, so it becomes our social responsibility to decide “how much and to which direction we can flow our greed”. We have created many unconstitutional and social challenges with our greed, which have to call us unrighteous. The society wants to end this greed with all its efforts, success in this is possible only by a change of personal thinking. Why do all of us countrymen not want to change our mindset despite being aware of this truth of change? With these burning questions, today’s question :  How to fight with corrupted mentality of the society? or How will society be free from corrupt character-scattering? Is presented with all the respect to public table for discussion. Jay Hind !!! Jay Bharat !!!


    Your views or suggestions may be useful on this issue. Please write down your views or suggestion in the comment box of the blogs or cast your vote. Your views/suggestions are forwarded to the high constitutional authorities of the nation. It might be that government may implement it by taking in consideration. With such hope, put your views. Thanking you.

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