Discredited the country & the countrymen

fake & factBrothers and sisters, after independence, the foundation of the all-religion society which was laid by our ancestors, some selfish things have also entered and gained a strong place, which is present today in our society in the form of hatred and conflict. In Today’s environment the maximum use if these words are just political, during the pandemic of Corona the Society has experienced social disgust and duality in the name of a specific religion, today, the society is also gaining experience of cooperation from the same class. So why such an immoral social environment was created in the society? The society has to consider this burning question. Today this is such a fiery question that will emerge in the mind of every conscious person of the society. We all Indians clearly know that our constitution respects and honor all religions with the same allegiance. So why do these selfish and false situations occur again and again in our society? why are we unable to put an end to the makers of this opportunistic and chauvinistic thinking? There are many evidences present in the society that we Indians have always displayed unity so therefore this becomes a burning question that,

Q.27: Why is our country and countrymen discredited?

If agree with this question then what should be changed? if disagree then why?

Think about our nation and society and what change can be brought should be described in a few words or else in order to vote press the “agree or disagree” button.


The burning question today is regarding those misleading and infamous secret facts which have been present in the society for many decades. This flaming question that has been continuously discrediting the Indians due to some selfish consumers of the society. Shouldn’t the current society think about rescuing us from these white collared rascals? We have to think, we have to right, we have to change….!!!

Our national and constitutional mind set has always been of being united. Every human being has to come forward in order to end the anti-social elements involve in it, then only the peace of unity and permanent progress will be maintained in the nation. Any civilized society will not tolerate the crime that has been done by a few countrymen to discredit the country and the society. Did anyone do this disguise or was asked to do? this serious flaming question should be considered by every countryman.

In democracy whether the party or the opposition whosoever gets the authority of the nation, just getting the authority has become an addiction that’s why we always have to remain Gandhian, Gandhi is not a person today, he has become an ideology. Only his ideology of nonviolence can keep the flags of all nations hoisted on the world stage otherwise a minor disease, like corona has made us feel the experience of coming to an end. Only peace and tolerance are required at the moment, when the world is going through this disastrous experience {corona}. We all Indians know that the internal fights based on religion are fake, These are the conflicts between social authorities, and the negative impact of which is lying on the countrymen and country.

Our constitution says that “don’t judge any Indian by the colors of the flag, know them by their hearts” this positivity will continue to strengthen the national unity. Today every countryman has to set his own limits in order to contribute to the nation building and peace.  Every religion has its personal form of devotion similarly national devotion is also personal. That is why a burning question is emerged, why is our country and countrymen discredited? Jai Hind…! Jai Bharat….!!


    Your views or suggestions may be useful on this issue. Please write down your views or suggestion in the comment box of the blogs or cast your vote. Your views/suggestions are forwarded to the high constitutional authorities of the nation. It might be that government may implement it by taking in consideration. With such hope, put your views. Thanking you.

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