Doctor & Commission System

Doctor & Commission

If the patient pays arbitrary fees to the doctor, why the commission? : Medicine is such a subject, on which a continuous discussion is going on. Today, most of the population of our country is dependent on medicines. Medicines take a good amount of income from every poor family. Almost every citizen of the country is afraid of spending on expensive medicines. Shouldn’t this concern be ejected from society? A few days ago on this burning problem of the society, the current Prime Minister, Honorable Modiji “has also asked the country’s pharmaceutical companies to end the “commission system” given by them to doctors.” Every section of society is aware that many doctors take commissions from pharmaceutical companies, because of which companies charge higher prices on medicines. Here the following burning questions arise,


  1. When every patient gives the doctor his arbitrary remuneration, then why should they betray him by commission?

  2. Shouldn’t society be relieved of the commissions paid by pharmaceutical companies to doctors?

If yes then how? If no then why?

Think and write your opinion in below comment box with limited words. You can also express your opinion by pressing the button of “Agree” or “Disagree” to bring the change in the nation and our society.


Today, medicines are a very important requirement of society. The drug companies have kept the doctor spoiled by coveting a few facilities. The commission system among doctors is such a social disorder that stands with burning questions like selfishness more than legality. There has been a huge increase in the price of medicines due to the commission of some or most doctors in society. The doctor is no less guilty than the drug manufacturer for adopting this tradition. The society has given every doctor a God-like honor, which even the drug makers do not receive. Therefore, it is important for them to pay attention to this burning problem of society.

Today society seems to need a change in this burning question. All governments have enacted necessary laws for price control from time to time, and those laws have to be followed by all sections of society. We cannot condemn the government for this, it is more of a social issue than a constitutional one. The commission-like disorder associated with the medical profession has always been scandalous due to personal self-interest. In the context, the message, given by Hon’ble Prime Minister Modiji, the pharmaceutical company as well as the medical class should feel that they should get rid of this social disorder as soon as possible.

The society has given physicians the status of God. they don’t look good, tarnishing their honor in lieu of a few facilities. Therefore every physician should think individually that if they do not take advantage of these facilities, good and inexpensive medicines can be available in the market to all the countrymen. If doctors start prescribing cheap medicine then –

  1. There will be an open competition in pharmaceutical companies and they will be compelled to keep the price low.
  2. Low prices of medicines can make poor people access good health services, this will provide relief to every citizen of the country.
  3. The findings of several studies suggest that the cost of medicines in India is highly variable and not inexpensive.
  4. This change in the behavior of doctors can also be useful in reducing inflation. We have to think… we have to write… we have to change… !!!

The medical class is also a part of society, they should think about this burning question and do justice to this society by getting rid of this evil. Presently the society expects the medical class to look into this burning question and the message given by the honorable Prime Minister and take a self-observation on the question of their morality that “when every patient is paying them arbitrary fees, then why betrayal of the commission?” Jai Hind… Jai Bharat..!!!


Your views or suggestions may be useful on this issue. Please write down your views or suggestion in the comment box of the blogs or cast your vote. Your views/suggestions are forwarded to the high constitutional authorities of the nation. It might be that government may implement it by taking in consideration. With such hope, put your views. Thanking you.

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