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Today’s question is based on the role of human society at present and it’s character, where there is enjoyment of power of inner self, which has been disappeared in the democratic society. Why today we don’t have our own joy of power? Why have we become dishonest to our own self? When we introduce our selves to these questions, all good and bad experiences of life are to be seen. Some good experiences inspire us by giving joy and a few bad and dishonest experiences make us forget the joy of power, with the help of the mind. Aren’t we living a life which is flowing deliberately in the flow of oblivion? Have we ever thought that we ourselves are responsible for this disorientation? We have always blamed the government for the flaws in the democratic society, who will be blame for this? Those will be real difficult times, when we will be questioning ourselves about the actual appearance that, have we ever considered the values of life? Why and due to what reason are we struggling in our lives? Aren’t we all responsible for the corruption and misbehavior that is spread in the society and aren’t we all a part of it? Today every adult citizen of the democratic society are a victim in the race of money and power. The youth who are taking a step ahead with modern education are also heading towards the same thing. Is this the actual base or right values of our natural life. When we ask these questions to our inner selves, then “our thinking misguided us and releases natural happiness from us and make us feel that we are dishonest”. Every citizen of our democratic society struggles all his life to achieve happiness. A part of environment of our current democratic society is dishonest and misguided, so is taking us away from happiness and we are all flowing with current. Who is responsible for this decline? Today’s burning question is about developing the progress of our democratic society by the involvement of change, which is important for inspiring it.

Q 43 :

Joy of power : why have we become dishonest to our own self?

If you agree with the question, why and what should be the changes? If you disagree then why?

Think, and write your opinion in limited words for the change in the nation and your society or do express your views by pressing the button of “agree and disagree”.   


    We all know that every human being’s inner conscious wants it’s actual power. Few people developed this power in there selves in our democratic society and also volunteered it, we consider them best humans. Why aren’t we unable to be a part of the power till date? To be considered. According to the religious leaders and their religions, they have given us religion as a weapon for a huge guidance. Then why are we are living without direction? 

Our democratic society is progressing continuously.

There is a perception in society that actual values of our lives are constantly falling down. In every religion and society, differences of opinion are increasing constantly. Why in spite of being educated we are living our lives like illiterates? Today our society looks progressive but have we never violated our own internal freedom as a result of progress? Sun god has been rising every day, This life cycle of nature from periods has been continuously vital for many periods. Why are we constantly downplaying the progress of kindred bliss in our democracy? Why our personal ethical ideas and actions are becoming weaker? Why has suffocation entered our lives? All such questionnaires lead us to think personally on our social lives and make it clear that the condition has become very serious.

The death of our body is an absolute truth.

A belief has been established in the society that truth never be defeated. Today most of our society is in the race of hatred than true love. Why a section of our society encourages destruction by flinging fiery elements? Why is our society unable to destroy the burning ideology when everyone’s death is unalterable and we all have to get exhausted with this body one day? Why these depictions of inhumanity are often present in the society. how and when will these inhuman traditions be destroyed?  We have developed and enhanced our every quality in the existing democracy. Why are we not able to develop our inner quality against all the chaos? We have to think…. We have to write…. We have to change….!!!

Every moment is ours is becoming history.
We cannot violate actual current of life in the name of the age of downfall. Our modern life style is unable to calm the needs of our minds, ie. Meditation and knowledge. Today, every person of the society has been torturing their bodies by consuming and using medicine, while we have been giving our inner conscious drug free life which does not require any proof. When these moments of our social sickness will appear in front of the future heritage, will we only have intolerance to hand them over?

There are only two aspects of human life, life and death.
We tried to save our selves from death and by being scared we have made our lives falls and fake. Death also has it’s own beauty, while false life is ugly. There is no way to know life without witnessing to death. When a person transcends himself on life and death, he enjoys the overall form of power and called best. Today, it seems necessary for the democratic society to think on how easily each countryman can enjoy the power of his conscience and contribute to the development of the society through his natural progress. That’s why today’s question : Joy of power : why have we become dishonest to our own self?  Is presented with all the respect to public table for discussion. Jay Hind…! Jay Bharat….!!!

Today’s question is presented for  social and personal changes and the above question is intended to be a meeting with ourselves.

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