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Politics! The simpler this word sounds, the more complex it is. Politics is done on every subject in society today and it slams the truth far away from its ground. Till date, the subjects on which politics has taken place in the society have been losing their background. The way politics is done to run the federal structure of our country, the matter of exploitation and discrimination on the common people has become common. Whenever the political parties of the society have done politics in the name of common people, the society has felt pain for the maximum time. In fact, the basic concept of politics is public service and the main objective of politics is to raise the social and economic status of the people. Has our present society fully succeeded in this? Why does politics is done with the citizens of the country? Was the federal structure in our Constitution created for politics or for the development of states? In our society today, with the politics becoming common, leaders are being born in every street. These common leaders enjoy the patronage of political parties, which is different from the basic concept of politics, public service. Today the political party of every state wants to come to power by adopting all kinds of political tricks to get the power of its party. Is this the true picture of democracy? Does this seem to be the right constitutional system of the country? Why so many political positions are there over the citizens of the country? The country needs politicians to fulfill its national and international duties or to rule the people through the states? With these burning questions, today’s question (aaj ka prashn) seems necessary for constitutional and social change that,


Is state politics necessary in the federal structure of our democracy?

If you agree with the question, what changes should be done? if disagree then why?

Think and write your opinion in limited words for change in the nation and our society or express your opinion by pressing the “agree and disagree” button.


Our society is educated and is handling every situation successfully and has the ability to do so further. Due to the politics of the states, the inhuman scenes which the society has experienced in the Corona era and many similar inhuman scenes of the past, when joined with these questions, it becomes a thinkable question that, does the country need state-politics?
In our country, this political allegation is prevalent that “In a state where the central government’s allies are not the rulers, there is politics with the people”. Why has this dialogue been discussed in the society in its original spirit for decades? Why society has not felt any change in this dialogue till date. All politicians discuss this question in public according to their party situation, but no politician wants to solve it and the general public suffers. Today, a district collector is handling every district of our country beautifully, so why do we need so many politicians and their posts. On this fact, every citizen of the country should listen to their inner voice and think that Does his state require so many political positions? Did our Constitution makers envision such a society? Or do we feel the need for change in this area now?
  1. When all the multinational companies in the country are successfully operating internationally with their limited staff so why can’t a state operate with a limited number of politicians?
  2. A government official is operating in all the regions of the country, and he can do it, so why should a team of leaders be there?
  3. Today we are living in a digital era and we aspire to make the country a Digital India, does modern India need so many political positions? We have to think… we have to write… we have to change…
Today the demand of one nation one election is in full swing in the country, this system is not new. In our country, the constitutional system of one nation one election exists from the very beginning. In the past, this rule was broken due to some immediate requirements, which till date are still functional in a fragmented form. Today, our country is trying to adopt the tradition of one nation one election once again. With this system, if the lamp of the new-creation is ignited for the liberation of the citizens of the country from most of the politicians too, then this deed seems to be good and meaningful for every countryman. Therefore, the question becomes whether the political positions of the states should not be reduced from our constitutional federal structure? This new political system will reduce the country’s expenses in all ways, as well as the operation of the states will be controlled due to the limited politicians. The country should require political positions to deal with the international community and not through states to rule the people. So, today’s question (aaj ka prashn) “Is state politics necessary in the federal structure of our democracy?” respectfully presented for discussion on public table.


    Your views or suggestions may be useful on this issue. Please write down your views or suggestion in the comment box of the blogs or cast your vote. Your views/suggestions are forwarded to the high constitutional authorities of the nation. It might be that government may implement it by taking in consideration. With such hope, put your views. Thanking you.
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