In corona epidemic a thought on public protest

Public Demonstration

Today’s burning question number 22 is not for any survey. This time, affected by the Corona epidemic, is not for discussing the burning question, only a thought has been put before the society.

Q.22: How dutiful is public insistence of public protest at the time of national epidemic?

We all have realized today that the present time of the country is going through very difficult conditions. How can an anti-government discussion or demonstration on any subject be called moral in such a contrapositive situation? No one would have imagined the situation under which the country is today. Our society has also experienced difficult situations in the past, but all those experiences were different from today’s situation.

The ideological conflict that is going on in the country in the name of manifestation before the epidemic, all constitutional efforts are also being made continuously to resolve it. Time was passing, but all sections of society were hopeful of a solution. When all of a sudden, a corona-like epidemic entered our country, everyone was horrified. Efforts were started by the government for prevention, in such a state, what morality does it take for some individuals to continue to support their protest? Does not such a selfish mindset seem to give rise to the thinking of division in society? We have to think, we have to write, we have to change….!

My burning question today is just that the work which the administration did ‘If that work was done by the protesters in the means of morality, the respect of many countrymen would have increased for them‘. You would think that the administration took a quick decision for the people of our country. If that crowd had felt this epidemic, then what a terrible scene it would have been, the soul of every countryman was shaking even with its imagination. Politics must be there in a democracy, but doing politics at the cost of life and property of the people is just politics of selfishness.

Many thanks to the administrative officials for saving the lives of the protesters and their families. Thanks also to those who limited their retaliation in this weak and difficult time.

Brothers! Our society and constitution have given us all kinds of freedom, if we remain safe then we can use and consume the same facilities. Today, we will have to learn a lesson from the conditions of our neighboring country and accept the necessary demands of our country. One has to put his personal moral duty on the table of society like a true Indian. only then the tradition of all religion can survive. Otherwise, Corona has shown the mirror to everyone. Jai Hind… Jai Bharat….!!!

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