Traffic police to hide behind trees

It is usually observed now a days that instead of performing duty on traffic signals, the traffic policemen are found standing under a tree at some distance from the signal and issuing challan. Is this style of work is constitutional and recognised by Traffic Department? Do not the possibilities of accident increase due to this practice? There any change essential in the procedures and work culture of the Department of Transport?

Q.12: Is it right for traffic police to hide behind trees?

If you agree, then what changes can be done? if disagree then why.

Please think over and for the sake of National and Social Changes, please comment your views and express your choice by pressing the Button of “Agree or Disagree”.


Before giving extension to the question, I would like to mention here that the department of Transport has done many praisable and incredible works for the Society. The under & behind style today is compelling people to raise questions on it’s image.

It is also a remarkable thing that whenever the traffic policemen are at the signal, public complies the rules, but in their absence no one takes care of the rule and violates. It is clear that wherever a traffic personnel is on duty there, the rules shall not be violated.

On the other hand when these traffic policemen in a number 3-4 act to catch hold the rule breakers from behind the tree, a question arises in mind that is this system constitutional?

If the Policemen wearing uniform shall perform duty on signals properly, the rule can’t be violated? The rules are violated only in their absence. Generally, the vehicle operators have a mind set that on the signals no policemen are deployed, so for taking benefit of that they run the vehicle over the limited speed and cause accident. Thus, the families of the victims have to suffer throughout the life. Therefore ‘under and Behind the tree’ style of issuing challans in groups do cause arise to the said burning question’.

  1. If at a signal, only one person is sufficient to control the traffic then why a group of 3-4 person is needed under and behind the tree?
  2. On one hand this department has been asking the government to increase the numbers of employees and on the other hand group collection system is adopted, why?
  3. To issue challan regularly in group is constitutional to what extent? The team might be right while checking the documents, because it is not possible for a person to check and control. So many vehicles, but why no team for the people breaking rules on the signals?
  4. If one man can control one signal, then four men can take care of four signals, which shall be right in all aspect. This ensures the disciplined traffic system. Why this arrangement is not brought to practice?
  5. If a vehicle driver shall know that on each and every signal, there is a traffic police man then he/she shall control the speed and the accidents shall be avoided. Why not this implemented?
  6. Those, who are responsible to ensure the compliance of rules of the traffic on the road are engaged in collecting fine, why? We have to think over …. We have to write … We have to get is changed…!!

The said under and behind the tree system of traffic police may be a revenue earning, may be appropriate for the department, but with social point of view it is not appropriate, because absence of traffic police on signals increases the chances of Men-loss. It is too much loss to the Public. That is why this practice has raised the question on itself.

So far authenticity is concerned, this practice has never been allowed by the department and no rules have been framed like wise. Most probably the time has created this practice. The transport department definitely would have been formed for avoiding the road-accidents and save human lives, not to issue challans and earn revenue. It shall be very good for the Public, if a traffic policemen performs duty on the signal. This shall infuse fear among the vehicle operators to abide by the rules and the accidents and loss of lives be stopped.  Jai Hind … Jai Bharat.


Your views or suggestions may be useful on this issue. Please write down your views or suggestion in the comment box of the blogs or cast your vote. Your views/suggestions are forwarded to the high constitutional authorities of the nation. It might be that government may implement it by taking in consideration. With such hope, put your views.
Thanking you.

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