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Today, public life is banned all over India. We are all striving towards a smooth life after suffering from a pandemic like corona. Today, some people in the society are seen to become an ally and making life a laboratory under misguided direction of an ideology or a politician. It is true that the present phase is full of crisis and suffering for all, in which there are more plagues on the poor, laborers and people of lower class. The attempt to spark politics by keeping guns on the shoulders of the poor, laborers and the lower class, which has been repeated in the last few days, is miserable and will remain condemnable for the society. Due to this effort in the name of migrant laborers, there has been an attempt to tarnish the image of poor laborers. Every migrant laborer of the country knows that in the state where he is living and nurturing his family, why should he become uncooperative there? There is no reason for this. Every worker, whether it is a state or an expatriate citizen, is experienced in living a struggle, every day his life has been facing some kind of disaster, therefore, in this calamity, it will remain constant like always. The boom of crowd, that society has experienced in the nationwide lockdown in these days, that spurt only arises from the misleading of any selfish forces, so here it becomes a burning question,

Q.25: Why there is unrest in society: Life is not a laboratory?

If you agree with the question then why? If you disagree then why?

Write down your thoughts in the comment box below in limited words to change the nation and society, or express your opinion by pressing the button of  “agree and disagree”.


In our constitutional system, every Indian citizen can go to any state and earn a livelihood for himself and his family. This is the beautiful image of our democracy that makes all the countrymen feel proud. In the name of migrant laborers or in fulfillment of their needs, the stigmatized work that the society has experienced in these days, is a presentation of a wrong concept about all the migrants. Today all the nationals are obeying their chief and are tolerating the restrictions placed on their lives, why and who wants to change it? This burning question seems to be considered in the society.

Every non-resident Indian citizen, in whatever state he is residing in, has been following all the rules with his body, mind, words, deeds. The personal interest of a few people has compromised the lives of migrant laborers in the crisis of Corona, how terrible the result will be in the near future can also be a frightening scene. Should not such so-called social workers of society be banned from participating in public life with statutory punishment?

At the time of this national disaster, with the orders of his bosses, the person who confuses or enforces people does not follow the administrative system, attacks or makes people attack the administrative people, behave indecent, immoral and unconstitutional, Should not be the persons with such conduct in society referred to as Sleeper Cell?

  1. When one religion does not think of encroaching on the other’s part, then why is this unrest in the society?
  2. Life is not a laboratory, why is society being made to feel that some migrant laborers are not willing to bear their weight? Is this not an insult to their reputation?
    We have to think, we have to write, we have to change.

Today’s burning questions, why is there unrest in society: Life is not a laboratory? Through this, there is an appeal to all the citizens of the country that they should be awakened in the national interest and do not let the public build a laboratory during this epidemic. Jai Hind…! Jai Bharat…!!


Your views or suggestions may be useful on this issue. Please write down your views or suggestion in the comment box of the blogs or cast your vote. Your views/suggestions are forwarded to the high constitutional authorities of the nation. It might be that government may implement it by taking in consideration. With such hope, put your views. Thanking you.

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