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Today’s question relates to the communication of the ongoing political struggle under the current democratic framework, who is making a statement on the approach of striking our “personal national freedom” by a part of the country’s politicians. There are many conflicts exist in our present democratic society, another sentence has been added to the saga of these conflicts, “This is not Gandhi’s India.” For India to always remain the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi’s social equality, we all the countrymen have been wholeheartedly trying to fulfill this truth. When these sentences are expressed from the mouth of senior politician of the country, so the society’s thinking and discussion on this is bound to happen. Hearing and reading of this sentence, different dual meaning questions and meanings emerge in mind, Like – they are mentioning the errors of their administrative time and are publicly acknowledging their shortcomings of not fulfilling their duties or they are motivating the present society to rethink to change the democratic-constitutional roles. If their idea is for change on their political and social failure, then this suggestion should be considered good and the society should be awakened to rethink. The above sentence also implies the meaning that the country is in trouble and all the citizens should wake up. Other aspects of this sentence are also considerable for society, Like, why some of the policy makers of democratic society have to say today that this is not Gandhi’s India !!! Who made this mistake? Why this statement was made on the ideological foundation of our democratic society? For which crises is this warning? Today’s question (Aaj ka prashn) related to these burning questions seems to be necessary to inspire the inclusion of amendments in the development depiction of democratic background that,

Q 44:

This is not Gandhi’s India: Me and Gandhi?

    If you agree with the question, why and what should be the changes? If you disagree then why?

Think, and write your opinion in limited words for the change in the nation and your society or do express your views by pressing the button of “agree and disagree”.


    It has been the endeavor of most of the citizens of the Indian nation that our country should always remain a pioneer and symbol of Gandhian ideology, i.e. all religion and non-violence. For this, the citizens of the country have made many efforts from time to time, in which there has always been a feeling that I am on the Gandhi’s path, that is, me and Gandhi ……!!! Did our former politicians follow the entire ideology of Mahatma Gandhi during the policy making of the nation of India? We all countrymen know the answer to this……! Then what kind of vivid sentence has been fired in society that this is not Gandhi’s India?

Every politician had made his natural contribution keeping in mind his erstwhile time for the creation of our nation. Today, it is our need and compulsion to accept the truth and untruth with this fact. The responsibility of implementing the entire ideology of Gandhi in the society was the responsibility of the first Parliament of the country, it was also their duty to continue it always. The policies that our Parliament has formulated for development from time to time, the society has always accepted them. So today saying that “this is not Gandhi’s India” seems irrelevant, even if this sentence has also been used for the democratic power of the present time.

It is recorded in the pages of history that after independence, few people or few organizations had followed Gandhi’s path and his thoughts for a few years. The history and evidence of post-independence of our nation is present on the table of society, according to which only Gandhiji’s companions gradually sidelined his ideology and developed the society of their imagination. During the policy making, why did the then politicians not remember that they were also building the nation of Gandhiji’s ideas? Since independence, the kind of divisions that have taken place among the countrymen till today it has become the India of which Gandhi’s thinking? We have to think…. We have to write…. We have to change….!!!

 “Change is the rule of nature” At our time we always forget to remember this truth. When the ruler changes in a democratic society, change in some policies is also considered a natural process, this is also the beauty of democratic society. Therefore, to say “this is not Gandhi’s India” for today’s social environment seems misleading terminology. Why Gandhi today exists only in the name of government schemes, not all social policies, in independent India? Why has not every countryman’s behavior become Gandhian? Why the politics of the founders of independent India could not follow Gandhiji’s ideas?

Today, in the politics of the nation, the battle is definitely happening on Gandhi, but not on the Gandhi whom we call the Father of the Nation. Did Mahatma Gandhi ever aspire for power? Gandhiji’s ideology says that “you open your heart, the world will open”. Did all other politicians, except a few politicians, rule on the country keeping in mind the realities of Gandhian ideology? Therefore, in today’s environment, the sentence of comparison between me and Gandhi also seems meaningless, that is to say that we ruled as Gandhians does not seem to be completely true. Today, “Gandhi has become an ideology for us far more than a person”, on whose path life can be decorated with the best embellishments. The facts and arguments of duality in society are endless, There is only one fact and logic of change, Change yourself, the era will change automatically. With strong hope for social and personal change article of today’s question: This is not Gandhi’s India: Me and Gandhi? Is presented with all the respect to public table for discussion. Jay Hind…! Jay Bharat….!!!


    Your views or suggestions may be useful on this issue. Please write down your views or suggestion in the comment box of the blogs or cast your vote. Your views/suggestions are forwarded to the high constitutional authorities of the nation. It might be that government may implement it by taking in consideration. With such hope, put your views. Thanking you.

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