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Today’s question is based on the scenes of fierce conduct presented by members of the opposition parties of the country in both houses of the “Parliament” of our democratic society. Many times in the inner courtyard of the Parliament, the members of the opposition party who present the fiery conduct during their protests, this scene tarnishes the dignity of both the houses, as well as the incident seems to be embarrassing for the society. This view also poses some considerable questions for the present society, are these scenes a true representation of democratic society? Do these scenes provide a true portrayal of our democratic-non-violent society? Are these scenes recognized in our society? Don’t these scenes demand change from us? Why does the society not demand a ban on these extreme conducts of public representatives? When the civil society has never accepted the extreme behavior, then why are these violent behavior scenes being accepted inside the Parliament of our democratic society? Should there be no restriction on such presentation? When the public representatives of the society will present examples of fierce conduct during the protest in the Parliament of the country, what will the citizens learn from them? This fact is also worth considering. If every countryman would accept the role of resentment in the same way during the protests, then the peace system of the society will always be broken. Therefore, the society is requesting these people’s representatives that they should carry out their protest in the house by remaining in a polite state. Parliament is a discussion forum in democratic society, where every public representative brings problems of his area, which are discussed, then they are resolved. Today, whatever violent scenes are visible in the society on the pretext of protests in Parliament, is it acceptable to the current democratic society? With all these burning questions, Today’s question seems to be necessary to motivate the inclusion of amendments in the developmental depiction of democratic background that,

Q 48:

Does the method of fierce protest by opposition MP members in democratic society seem constitutional? Do these scenes not concern democratic society?

    If you agree with the question, why and what should be the changes? If you disagree then why?

Think, and write your opinion in limited words for the change in the nation and your society or do express your views by pressing the button of “agree and disagree”.


    It is well known that whenever a new policy rule is enacted and implemented by the authorities in a democracy, the opposition refuses to accept it literally. Today, this system of fierce protest has become a habit of the people’s representatives of our democratic society. Why the opposition public representative’s behavior gets agitated while protesting within Parliament? Why does the opposition not want to leave its fiery presentation amid protests? Why is there no such definite provision under the Representation of the People Act that the Honorable Members of Parliament express their protest only in written or oral. When there is a punishable law system in the society on the extreme conduct for the general public, then why is there no strict law on the extreme conduct of the people’s representatives for the conduct of Parliament?

Opposition is also the base of democratic society, but even if they want to protest, they need a limit. Our present society is evolving by becoming educated, scenes of fierce performance in the society confuse the feelings of some people, which is not right for the democracy society. In our society, the definition of protest has been considered non-violent, so why is the society accepting the fierce conduct of opposition MPs? We have to think…. We have to write…. We have to change….!!!

    The entire force of democratic society is in Parliament. The struggle with fiery scenes taking place inside this building should stop, which will remain beneficial for the present democracy society. The history of our society has been a non-violent presentation. If today’s people’s representatives build a society in the same manner, then the society will maintain its dignity along with development. Therefore, today’s question : Does the method of fierce protest by opposition MP members in democratic society seem constitutional? Do these scenes not concern democratic society?  is presented for discussion on the table of the public to end the undesirable scene of the fierce protests within the Parliament. Jay Hind !!! Jay Bharat !!!


    Your views or suggestions may be useful on this issue. Please write down your views or suggestion in the comment box of the blogs or cast your vote. Your views/suggestions are forwarded to the high constitutional authorities of the nation. It might be that government may implement it by taking in consideration. With such hope, put your views. Thanking you.

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