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When we kept the foundation of our democracy, we had given an opportunity to elect our public representatives through general elections. The makers of our constitution have not mentioned the use of religion anywhere in history. The people have empowered all the governments with their right to vote from independence till date. Though, there are some faults in all the governments, but these governments, chosen by us have also developed our country. All the governments have developed the country with their own interests, the proof of which is our present modern India. With the achievement of this development, the politicians have sectioned the mentality of the people in such a way, that today it is the most dangerous dual. If today, this mental division is not stopped, so then this conflict will constantly evolve with the ability of destroying the values of freedom. Today if we are not awakened on these particular social issues, the rate of duality will be increasing numerously and then there will be a breakdown of trusts in the society. The society has always respected the ideology of all religion. All the elected democratic rulers have expressed their views in their sayings and statements, in the background of respecting all the religions, then why do some countrymen or politicians don’t use these words in public discussions? Why do we use venomous statements? Why is politics necessary on religion and Casteism in democracy? Is the confluence of religion casteism and politics the right social order? These are such burning questions that the society has to consider open heartedly and dissolve all the differences or else this duality has always been involved in racism, discrepant communications, accusations without evidences, inhuman scenes, indecent scenarios and indecent comments. In this atmosphere the national unity will lose its sense. That is why this burning question rises that,

Q.28: Why in democracy politics is done on religion and Casteism?

If you agree, then what changes can be done? if disagree then why.

Think over it and express your views in limited words to get changes in the nation and the society or vote by pressing “agree or disagree” button.


We all know that our current society is like a flowing stream, where all the colors are present, then why these things are being repeated again and again to remind these burning topics? Who are these social people, and why they are playing their role through accusations, rather then expanding the society? Shouldn’t be put a permanent ban on such topics that enrage the society?

 The history of our nation has been pure, clean and serene like water. Our ancestors have imagined only one color that is of “peace and development” and secure it. We all common citizens have bounded ourselves in the circle of some falls myths and fears, to whom all the societies have placed in a condemnable category, then why is this venomous mentality developed in our society? we have to think, we have to write, we have to change…!!!

In today’s society, we are all to be blamed for spreading conflicts and no body is innocent, it will be better if with this mentality we would establish our new era and pass it ahead, but in the bottom of our current mentality, we are just confused and frightened and will always be. It is only possible to get rid of these myths and fears if we stop our duality and think about our development and accept it.

We are not marketable goods, we are not for sale, we can’t be the reason of our own suicides. Don’t go through these confusions and disgusting thoughts, recognize your self and try to live your life with your own experiences and with an independent mind. This will only be true national unity. Today nature is giving a clear message of making the complete world free from all kinds of pollutions and it says be united, be generous, be fearless. The sun has never seen darkness, similarly even we don’t have to see the darkness, or else what we have accepted as religion and duty, how will the future society accept it? This topic is considerable. Why our national and religious politics cannot remain on the path of progress, development and humanity? With today’s burning question Why in democracy politics is done on religion and Casteism? Presented with respect for discussions on the table for the countrymen. Jai hind! Jai Bharat…!!


    Your views or suggestions may be useful on this issue. Please write down your views or suggestion in the comment box of the blogs or cast your vote. Your views/suggestions are forwarded to the high constitutional authorities of the nation. It might be that government may implement it by taking in consideration. With such hope, put your views. Thanking you.

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