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Today’s question is a reality of our present democracy society, we have not been able to completely remove poverty and hunger from our country since independence. Whose expenses have been a constant influence on the development of the country. This imperfection of ours is becoming obnoxious and questionable to the present democracy society as well. Even today in independent India some countrymen are forced to live in poverty and hunger. Understanding this scenario, we can say that not all our efforts have been successful. Even today, something is lacking in it, which is demanding change. All the political parties of the country have made many promises and plans to eradicate poverty from us. Why is this question of poverty still alive on our surface? Why the line of poverty has not disappeared from society even after seven decades of independence? Today the poor are waiting to be optimistic by becoming a “vote bank” that some policy will come which will liberate us from this colorless life. Staying optimistic is definitely positive thinking, but now it is a prick to remain optimistic. Under the cover of democracy, all of us countrymen have been constantly giving these stings to each other, why and how, think definitely. We have created many policies and rules for the smooth functioning and social upliftment of our society. Why till date, poverty has not been eradicated totally from the “reserved” societies? Even after passing this system for such a long time, why the total poverty is not eradicated from the reserved societies? These burning questions become an essential topic of thinking for the present society. With these burning questions, today’s question (aaj ka prashn) seems necessary to inspire the inclusion of amendments in the developmental depiction of democratic background that,


How to estimate poverty in democratic society?

    If you agree with the question, why and what should be the changes? If you disagree then why?

Think, and write your opinion in limited words for the change in the nation and your society or do express your views by pressing the button of “agree and disagree”.


    Every year, the government presents poverty figures to the countrymen, in which many able citizens of the society also get their names covered by greed, this increases the poverty figures in the country. Today’s every nation devout countryman strives to end his own poverty with his full efficiency, but some social complexities have not let his efforts succeed. The present society has been fully experienced by all the problems of “poverty or poor”, yet why the poverty figures are not decreasing from society even today? Why is this problem not disappearing from society? Doesn’t the method of estimation seem wrong?

Our nation is developing and is progressing with the help of its talents. Today it seems necessary for society to consider how we can get rid of the problem of poverty in the changing environment? Possibly with the changing environment, if we go for a change in the way of our assessment, then maybe we can get rid of this problem.

For example, at the time of creating a list of poor applicants, the government should make a correct assessment of their income and savings from the bank passbook, then many names will be automatically reduced from this list. Such provision will give the country an opportunity to upgrade and cooperate with the real poor person, as well as the country’s money will also be saved. With this, the length of the poverty line list from the country will also become shorter. In today’s environment, the income of every person is constantly increasing, if there is no increase in income, then he will remain in this category.

With the help of computer technology, the government can easily reach the real poor person, help him at the right time, free the society from the line of poverty line, the government can spend the remaining money on other items. Today, the society will have to consider that living things are available in the hands of all the citizens through a plan developed with honesty, for this, the estimation of the poverty line of our country should remain current or should it be on the basis of bank account? We have to think…. We have to write…. We have to change….!!!

Currently, many poverty alleviation schemes of the government are going on, yet why the poverty figures are not coming down from the society? It is a matter of social consideration. If the government implements poverty eradication plans according to computer-generated data and evaluates the poverty line according to the data per year, then there is every possibility of a reduction in the demand list for financial aid. Due to computerized technical calculations, the attack on corrupted systems also seems to be certain. Corrupt system transactions create equal criminal responsibility on both sides, by spreading such publicity, public awareness will be increased and the country will be able to establish a nation with the idea of “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas” as soon as corruption is curbed in the society. With this hope today’s question : How to estimate poverty in democratic society? Is presented with all the respect to public table for discussion. Jay Hind !!! Jay Bharat !!!


    Your views or suggestions may be useful on this issue. Please write down your views or suggestion in the comment box of the blogs or cast your vote. Your views/suggestions are forwarded to the high constitutional authorities of the nation. It might be that government may implement it by taking in consideration. With such hope, put your views. Thanking you.

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