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The day to day increasing data of rape cases in the country are being calumniated all over the country. People are demanding for much more strict laws than the existing. The Hon’ble Defence Minister of India Sri Rajnath Singh has stated in the Parliament that the government is extensively intended to enact much more strict Laws. All of we are referring the “Provision of Stern Laws” but what shall be the Legal steps on the subject, so that the rape-demons themselves be terrified. So today’s question  (aaj ka prashn)  is,

Q.10: How to stop rape and end a rapist mentality?

Please think over and for the sake of National and Social Changes, please comment your views and express your view for legal changes by pressing the Button of “Agree or Disagree”.


The civilized society is always in rage due to the rapists. The number of the People of such hatred mental status is increasing day to day. The Government has been furnishing the data of victims of rape every year. There are so many rape cases, which for different reasons do not come in Light. Every day, we become acquainted with rape incidents, we just express anger for few seconds and thereafter remain silent.

  1. Whenever the rape data come in our knowledge, we go through it and thereafter become ignorant. Why?
  2. We do not care why the rapists do not get punishment? Adduce the reason?
  3. Why such core criminals are not punished?
  4. Is it a demerit of Laws or the Professional skill of the Lawyers?
    Whatever may be the reason, it is only the society, which is availing the punishment.
  5. Courtesy: The undermentioned graphics has been referred from the article “Over 30,000 rape cases; only 1 in 4 convicted” by Priya Kapoor, Published in “Time of India” on 11th June 2019. These data say many a thing.

All of us know that such demons of Lust can get punished only by strict legal measures. What should be the legal norms to infuse fear among the rapists? You may send your views to the Law makers through “Burning Question” of the social media. On this Level, answer to all the question is available, only a leap is required for change. Thus, you not only express your anger by speech, but by writing too, so that a remarkable change is visible in the society.

Your thoughts and suggestion may be useful in the making of Nation and change in the era. Please write your views and suggestions in the comment box of this blog. Your views/suggestions shall go the people holding Powerful Posts of the Government. It might be that the Government may implement your views/suggestions in time-interval. Please be in action with such anticipations.  Jai Hind … Jai Bharat.


Your views or suggestions may be useful on this issue. Please write down your views or suggestion in the comment box of the blogs or cast your vote. Your views/suggestions are forwarded to the high constitutional authorities of the nation. It might be that government may implement it by taking in consideration. With such hope, put your views.
Thanking you.

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