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Why do the politicians of the society need to mention in their public discussion on a few subjects that “I don’t want to do politics on this subject” and those politicians only are found doing a lot of politics on that particular subject. Todays burning question is based on the political situation arising out on the sufferings of the poor migrant labors due to the pandemic of Corona. Since post-independence and till date society has experienced that all political parties used to do politics with the poor to make their politics bright. Was this the dream of having an independent India? Why do ruling parties and opposition parties create controversies on their duties and accuse each other? Shouldn’t there be a ban or control on such politics. During the phase of pandemic or natural disaster shouldn’t there be a law of a ban on politics for smooth functioning of the society. Current law of the country on such subjects is proved to be weak, that’s why it is possible to do politics on poor labor class countrymen. Whenever an opportunity has come in the country to serve on the problems arising out of natural emergency, the society has found the same experience that “its political actors perform their act in front of public and discharge their responsibilities”. All political parties in a situation of natural disaster blame each other so that the actual service is astray. That is why poor countrymen have to go through inhumane situations. Isn’t the politics going on, on the poor labor class is straying the whole society? why does this happen? Can’t we change this? This is a questionable aspect of the society. The task could be completed by thanking the poor labor class on their service, but instead politics is going on it. the society has experienced pain once again. Today this is the burning question and it definitely seems to be about the constitutional and social changes,

Q.30: Shouldn’t there be a constitutional ban for doing politics on humanitarianism?

If agree with this question then what should be changed? if disagree then why?

Think about our nation and society and what change can be brought should be described in a few words or else in order to vote press the “agree or disagree” button.


Everybody’s view in the society is different. If everyone practices humanity than there will always be development, progress and brotherhood in the society. Today the nation is educated and sensitive about the social subjects. When the policy makers (political parties) produce their conduct before the nation the society experiences a terrible pain. All the countrymen are sensitive about such human problems of the society when these human problems reach to the policy makers of the country, politics emerges out of it, why? Here is why humanity is missing in the society and a pageant. Myths and pain are what the victimized public get in this social situation. 

Due to the situation, emerged because of corona pandemic the whole society is poised for change. How will the time develop the society, a discussion has already started on this. With the fearful experience due to the pandemic of corona the era of change in the mentality has come. We have to conduct it by keeping our human values. In the period of corona, the society has experienced an unexpected scenario, faced by the poor laborers, everybody has denounced it and wished for a change in their hearts. We need the right fulfilment of service to humanity for the society it is necessary that the policy makers and their personal conflicts should be released. Every time the policy makers (political parties) and their personal interests have proved problematic to the society. why there is no change in this? We have to think, we have to right, we have to change….!!!

For the development of the nation many ongoing constitutional rules and laws demand a change with the span of time. Demanding this is a constitutional right of every Indian citizen till today the experience that we have gained, shouldn’t we demand to our policy makers of not doing politics on the aspect of humanity. Why there is politics on the aspects of humanity?  Shouldn’t there be a control on it?

Our constitution, all religions and ethology say that we should always have a mentality to serve the humanity. Time by time the society has experienced inhuman scenarios and they were unsuitable and will always be. So now we have to demand a change from our policy makers on humanity, in this terrible period of the country and should that they should built a law of abandoning politics. If this law is present in the society it is all most negligible and if it is not there, then is it not necessary to have the new law for the service of raising all classes of the society? that is with some facts the above given burning question Shouldn’t there be a constitutional ban for doing politics on humanitarianism? Best regards for the discussion of public domain. Jai Hind…! Jai Bharat…!!


    Your views or suggestions may be useful on this issue. Please write down your views or suggestion in the comment box of the blogs or cast your vote. Your views/suggestions are forwarded to the high constitutional authorities of the nation. It might be that government may implement it by taking in consideration. With such hope, put your views. Thanking you.

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