Unbridled Political Allegations

political allegations

Our constitution has given freedom of expression to all our countrymen, which is one of the best qualities of democracy. Today, with this freedom of expression, the incidents of unjustified accusations in public without any evidence are constantly increasing in the society. It is often seen that senior and junior workers in the politics of the country come to the Opposition to publicly present a charge against the political lent or its worker and later they are unable to prove their allegations mostly. Doesn’t this freedom of expression, appears to be a wrong presentation? Why do they present their allegations publicly? Why don’t they present it before the judicial system? Why an activist/ citizen is not punished for making baseless public allegations. Doesn’t the atmosphere of baseless allegations in the society demand a change and improvement? The picture of our constitutional system is the expressed through public discussions on daily basis. All the political parties whether ruling or opposition, on the basis of claiming information spread it without any base or proof just on the ground of freedom of expression, due to which in the society myths are being emerged about people or subject. Does this freedom of expression seem to be constitutional? shouldn’t there be an additional statutory ban implemented on baseless freedom of expression. Today by performing its essential role in this context, the society also seems to consider its new role, so that we are freed from the chains of falls and misleading allegations of public life, and our countrymen can have a clean and truly defined political experience, with these burning questions, today’s question seems necessary for constitutional and social change that,

Q. 34:
How does the performance of expressed unbridled political allegations end?

If you agree with the question, why and what should be the changes? If disagree then why?

Think, and write your opinion in limited words for the change in the nation and your society or do express your views by pressing the button of “agree and disagree”.


    These days on the public platform on the basis of current law of expression the political accusations or social messages are being presented in front of the countrymen, where do these accusations disappear? On this, most of the society has gained an experience that the accused person has imposed baseless and falls accusations. Means they had lied to the country and the society. Subsequently the accused person moves freely in the society, why? Why do any of the statutory organizations punish the culprits by evaluating and studying the public accusations. Why in the social platform there are baseless and false accusations and are presented by making freedom of expression their base? We have to think…. We have to write…. We have to change….!!!

Today in the society the words which are being expressed are made up according to their own purpose and are presented in social discussions, due to which a situation of difficulty emerges for a common man. Doesn’t the society need an extra-legal institution to analyze the political allegations that have been made today to glorify the society through public platform. Who analyzes the accused question from their cognition? In a limited period of time or clarify the truth among the people. Once the accusation is proved baseless, the person/institution, who is related to it, should be given a statutory punishment. probably with this kind of arrangement, the volley of baseless political accusations will be reduced, and the citizens of the country will be freed from unnecessary false and myths and will be able to select the right politicians. This new arrangement will curb the speaker and spokesperson who make baseless statement, but the society will hope to have a clean political atmosphere.

Currently with this political atmosphere day to day true incidents of life are emerged in front of the society, which becomes suspicious and disappear, which is not right for the democratic system. Therefore, with this freedom of expression, where baseless accusations are being displayed publicly, how will it end in the society? We all countrymen should necessarily consider it. That is why today’s question “How does the performance of expressed unbridled political allegations end? best regards for discussion on public domain.


    Your views or suggestions may be useful on this issue. Please write down your views or suggestion in the comment box of the blogs or cast your vote. Your views/suggestions are forwarded to the high constitutional authorities of the nation. It might be that government may implement it by taking in consideration. With such hope, put your views. Thanking you.

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