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United India and reservation, these two words have a direct connection with every citizen. Each citizen dreams about united India and he tries his best to make this dream a reality. When we look at the other word “reservation”, we can see that many burning questions are revolving around this word in the society, as – is the prevailing reservation system properly distributing the right to equality present in our constitution? Is this our social order not giving rise to a disorder that will one day emerge as a threat to the integrity of the country? Reservation should always be an issue of social order and not for political use. Considering today’s social background, should the reserved class of the country not think about re-evaluation or change of the prevailing reservation system? These are such burning questions that seem to cause serious differences among the people of the country, how can there be integrity where differences exist? To imagine integrity at this stage is to confuse oneself. So here comes the burning question that,

Q.17: With our broken apart mindsets, how will the dream of united India remain true?

If you agree with the question, what changes should be made in the reservation system? If you disagree then why?

Please write your thoughts in the comment box below in limited words for change in the nation and society or express your opinion by pressing the button “Agree and Disagree”.


The political system of our country has always asked all the citizens of the country to keep United India alive, based on which we believe that the present national map will remain unbroken and will also be connected with new parts. This is the dream of such a united India which we all Indians see together and respect.

On the other hand, the present politics has created ideological differences among the people on the issue of reservation through several points. How can the dream of united India come true amid differences? Today all societies have to think about this, otherwise in the future, the condition of ideological differences can make us broken and scattered. When we talk about our country India, people of all castes and religions converge in an effort to make it united. So why do we change when we talk about our society, can a country not be a society? The societies which had suffered inequality in the past, have been greatly healed today. People and their families, who have taken advantage of the reservation system in the last decades, are moving around in society with respect to being educated and prosperous. Hence the following few points seem to be considered.

  1. Does the reserved class ‘find it justifiable for those who have benefited from reservation to continue to be a part of this system?’
  2. Is this the right respect for the reservation system?
  3. Are they doing injustice to their other countrymen by supporting the prevailing reservation system?
  4. Shouldn’t the reserved class think about ending the reservation system or setting new constitutional rules?

Today, the reserved class will have to look and think for other poor and incompetent countrymen of the country, or else in the coming age they too can be called to do the inequalities. Our country, which is on the path of humanity and non-violence, should not become a victim of this politics of selfishness and away from its civilization. Today the country is considering these burning questions with the expectation of change. It becomes the duty of all the people of the country to end these burning questions of the society and establish the right system for their future generations.

We all know that today’s politics have made reservations an issue for selfishness, whereas it is an issue of social order. We all Indians will have to think on this subject according to the right to equality derived from the constitution, only then the integrity will remain within the country, otherwise, selfish politics will always give ideology of differences to the people. Today, for the integrity of the country, all societies should feel the need to rethink a reservation, otherwise, how will the dream of our united India remain true with the mentality of the differences? We have to think… we have to write… we have to change…
Jai HInd… Jai Bharat…!!!


Your views or suggestions may be useful on this issue. Please write down your views or suggestion in the comment box of the blogs or cast your vote. Your views/suggestions are forwarded to the high constitutional authorities of the nation. It might be that government may implement it by taking in consideration. With such hope, put your views. Thanking you.

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