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We the independent citizens who are devoted to each other every moment, are the most beautiful face of our democracy. Our social politics has put very serious stains on this beautiful face many times, whose suffering has been seen and experienced by all our countrymen. Today all of us countrymen have become just a vote-bank for all our political parties. Because of this, humanity appears to exist only in the public debates of the ruling parties and the opposition. In order to increase their vote bank, sometimes political parties present such inhuman conduct in front of the society, which can never be considered useful for a civilized social system. In our constitutional system, every adult citizen has the right to vote. Today, all the political parties have kidnapped this constitutional system by confusing the public with subjects of their interest. From post-independence till today, all of us countrymen have experienced that many politicians have got their power under the pretext of giving leadership to the society and then by doing politics has embarrassed humanity many times. Today, remembering all the facts present in the society, we should consider why the vote bank politics was born in the society and democracy was hacked? Why do we countrymen remain just vote banks? Why this system is not ending in the society? What new constitutional system should be there to put an end to this evil? How should a new democracy be created? Today’s question (aaj ka prashn) with these burning subjects seems to be necessary for constitutional and social change,


How long will we the citizens continue to be vote-bank in the politics of democracy?     

If you agree with the question, what changes should happen? If you disagree then why?


Think and write your opinion in limited words for change in the nation and our society or express your opinion by pressing the “agree and disagree” button.


Today’s question is presented with respect to destroy the mental disorder that is spreading in the society, in which every citizen’s constitutional right to vote is being exploited to consider as vote-bank. In our concept of independent India, the makers of the country had given us the responsibility to use the rights to protect democracy, today those rights have been hijacked by political parties selfishly. This seems to hurt the basic concept of democracy. Our constitution has shown loyalty to all sections of the democracy, but over time our democratic rulers have put a question mark on the dreams of independent India, by making the said loyalty partisan.


Today, due to the partisan politics in the society, on many social topics, politicians are unable to carry out their duties independently even after wishing. This system of society is creating many irrational scenes in front of the countrymen every day. Does it seem appropriate for us to stay on this scene today? OR Does it seem appropriate to change for your social upliftment? We have to think, we have to write, we have to change…!!!

  • Why is there always clamor in the back of politics in society?
  • Why does politics consider every citizen as a vote bank?
  • Why politics has been done with the rights of the countrymen?
  • Why is politics becoming the form of gaining profit instead of serving the countrymen?
  • Why is there no ideal situation in politics and politicians today?

All political parties want to cherish the nation on their own. In this renewal, why do they forget that every one of their actions should be for the people of the nation and not for the uplift of their party. There are many such burning questions in the society today that demand change and we have been warning all the countrymen from time to time that change! otherwise you will always remain a vote bank.

We have seen that when the sinews of the waves stay on the sand, then they become rigid due to which the ground loses its reality. Every political wave comes and takes the social system away from its real land. Why are we being created like this? It is said that taste is obtained according to the state of mind, if we do not understand our state of mind today then tomorrow will be too late. Therefore, we have to be free from confusion and fear and accept the truth. In today’s society of party politics, the one who benefits from untruth, denies the truth. That is why aaj ka prashn “How long will we the citizens continue to be vote-bank in the politics of democracy?” is presented for discussion on the public table. Jai Hind….! Jai Bharat….!!


    Your views or suggestions may be useful on this issue. Please write down your views or suggestion in the comment box of the blogs or cast your vote. Your views/suggestions are forwarded to the high constitutional authorities of the nation. It might be that government may implement it by taking in consideration. With such hope, put your views. Thanking you.

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